About Us

Hello, my name is David Prowant, owner of Prowant Moisture Control.  For 15 years have been installing drainage systems in Southeastern NC and providing quality, guaranteed solutions to the water and moisture issues that arise for homeowners in our coastal area.  Daniel and I learned this trade from our father Larry, who learned it from his father Earl.  With each passing year we are able to build on our company’s comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the drainage and moisture issues we strive to resolve

 1964 Earl Prowant relied on honesty, integrity and diligence to build his company, and we still implement each of these fully in Prowant Moisture Control today to maintain the outstanding reputation that we carry throughout South Eastern North Carolina. We believe that you must earn a good reputation, and work hard to keep it. That’s why we work closely with our clients to make sure that they understand our process and feel at ease when they decide to use our company. We NEVER use scare tactics to PRESSURE anyone into hiring us!! Our clientele includes many satisfied and recurring Real Estate agents, Home Inspectors, and many of the finer Home Builders in our area, as well as hundreds of homeowners.