Crawl Space Dehumidifiers, Vapor Barriers, Encapsulations And Drains

Moisture Control Services

We realize that a full encapsulation is not always a financially viable option, that’s why we offer several different variations that are less expensive but still quite effective. With poly vapor barriers ranging in thickness from 6 to 22 mil, and from simple soil coverage to a full surface wrap, we can suit your needs and wants.
Many of the signs of a humid crawlspace are evident in this picture. Moisture penetrates all the materials including the insulation, which becomes too heavy for the installed supports, and over time rips apart and falls to the ground. Mold starts appearing on untreated wood surfaces
and sometimes continues to the point of severe structural damage. Most cases are caught and treated before they become irreversible.

The difference that a properly installed vapor barrier and dehumidification system, often coupled with a drainage system can make is ASTOUNDING!!!This crawlspace was so bad we had to remove all the insulation too, but on a checkup 30 days later, the relative humidity was remaining stable at 45% and the moisture content range was 7-9%.

Now a crawlspace we encapsulated with a 22 mil Vapor Barrier, and a much safer moisture level.

When we started this project the relative humidity was well over 80% and the wood had a moisture content that ranged from 23% to 29%!!!!!

We took this photo as we opened the ditch and let the water flow out from the crawl space of a home in the Landfall subdivision

An example of why WE DO NOT USE SUMP PUMPS! As you can see, one has failed and been left as refuse in the crawl space of the Fayetteville home. Sump pumps are infiltrated by sediment and water and commonly fail prematurely

A home in the Landfall Subdivision we encapsulated