Proven Drainage Systems That Solve Your Standing Water,Flooding And Water Intrusion Issues!

Guaranteed drainage solutions

With over 15 years of dedicated service to this field, Prowant Moisture Control is your reliable source for any problem pertaining to storm water and drainage, including;

Yard and parking lot drains
Footer / Perimeter drain systems  / French drains and Underdrains / Crawl space drainage systems Downspout / gutter drains  / Vapor Barriers  / Crawl space encapsulation
These moisture problems arise from standing water or saturated soil in many different ways, therefore every drainage system is individually designed for your specific problem. Yard drainage solutions vary from the techniques used for standing water in a crawl space.  We are well versed in foundation drainage systems and install them on homes with crawlspaces with slightly lower sub-grades and even much deeper as a step in basement waterproofing. Whether your issue is a small wet area in the lawn that doesn’t drain properly or something more severe, we are properly equipped with the right knowledge and tools to solve your drainage issue and guarantee that it works for years to come.
drainage pipes before being buriedDrainage system in Jacksonville nc yard to remove waterTying in a gutter to collect roof runoff and prevent standing water along foundationStorm water basins allow standing water to drain quicklyAs drainage contractors, every drainage ditch is dug with care and precisionRemove standing water to prevent wood rotLarge corrugated pipe culvert and filter fabric assembledProperly installed drainage systems last for yearsstanding water in yards can cause damage in ways you might not expectInstalling a drain pipe system for water standing in a yard while its not wet
Prowant Moisture Control
“The H2O Flow Pro’s!”
David and Daniel, third generation drainage experts, have been installing drainage systems consisting of 4″, 6″, and 8″ corrugated drain pipes for residential applications and 10″ to 15″ plastic drain tiles for commercial settings for 15 years in the Wilmington area.

From a small wet area in your crawlspace to a flooded back yard we will solve your drainage problem, GUARANTEED!Whether your needs entail one home, or an entire subdivision, we will resolve your water and moisture problems, and thats a promise!
As you can see from our photos, we have a lot of experience installing drainage systems. Its because its all we deal with. We are not landscapers, we are not a pest control company, we are highly specialized drainage contractors. We install over 50,000 feet of drain pipe a year, thats 10 miles!

Our clients include;

Quality Home Builders

We often work on new construction homes for the quality builders in New Hanover, Brunswick and Cumberland Counties. In many other cases, a drainage problem on a new home might not be discovered until after the new homeowner has moved in and experiences one of the heavy downpouring storms we often receive here in southeastern North Carolina. When that is the case we work closely with the builder and homeowner to design and install a customized drain system that satisfies both parties and prevents standing water in their yard and/or crawl space for years to come.

Realtors and Home Inspectors

In other cases water intrusion may have been occurring for years, causing standing water and high moisture in a crawlspace, and the problem is only discovered when a home inspection is performed before the home is sold. When this is the case we communicate with the home inspectors, realtors and both the buying and selling parties if need be to reach an agreeable solution. We work hard and quickly to schedule and install the new drainage system so that homes can close on time. In our area water problems are often discovered during the inspection of a home for purchase, we can alleviate a lot of the stress on all parties with quality work, detailed explanations of each step and a warranty for the new homeowner so they can relax.

Home Owner Associations and Property Management Companies

In many cases more than one home, property or common area will have a drainage or standing water problem. If this occurs, we can design a drainage system that incorporate several properties and allow for tie ins from future development. In most common area installations, where the drain pipes and gutters wont be maintained by a homeowner, we can even set up a maintenance plan to ensure that gutter guards and catch basins are inspected annually to prevent clogs and sediment intrusion.

Permanent De-humidification systems